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Thursday, April 06, 2006

One Year....

It's been one year since the launch of Booze, Baseball and another "B."

In that one year, I've put together .64 posts per day, which isn't too bad, but didn't hit the 1 post per day average I had wanted to hit.

In the last year I've added cool little buttons to the sidebar, and made some minor changes to the aesthetic, but overall things look very similar to how they did when the blog first started.

In the last year there's been topics spanning a pretty incredible range, from security studies to videogaming to cars to J-pop and more. I anticipate this second year will bring even more great content, which you can look forward to on hopefully as much or more than a .64 posts per day average!

Here's a selection of some of the most popular posts and articles from the past year, in no particular order.

  • Remember the NHL strike? Not many people in the US do, but Canadians sure do. This early article was a hard-hitting examination of some of the causes for the strike.
  • Scoop'd - Tough reporting at it's best; the Cinerama loses a good friend.
  • 24 - Even though I've never gotten into the show, I know that everybody loves Jack Bauer. I love Calorie Mate.
  • With the movie announced last week, The Simpsons are at an all-time high. Oh yeah, there was the whole fervor over their live-action intro too.
  • Gouged - Last summer (and most assuredly again this year) gas pricing was a real hot button issue. I've always been sensitive to gas prices (living in one of the most expensive states to buy gas in will do that to you), and people heard about it too.
  • Spam - This was the post which motivated the implementation of comment moderation. Different blogs do it different ways, some you have to register with the site (often those are "blogs," corporate sites which pass themselves off as a blog), some blogs use 3rd party applications such as Haloscan, and Blogger has their little system where you type in the text which cannot be highlighted.
  • Whipped - This is one of my own favs, but also a really popular post with visitors. Even though the original version caused the crash of the XML feed, you still gotta love the article.
  • SD - One of many international relations articles I've put together, this article regarding the Security Dilemma is essential reading if you're going to have an idea what people are talking about.
  • The best-written post I've made in the last year - That must be the explanation for this post's popularity! I cannot think of any other reason why people would flock to it...
  • Videogaming - I think this might be the most popular videogames article I've put together. People responded to it, and it's follow up. Around the time I put these together there were actually quite a few good videogame posts and articles. Going into this one I had thought, "who doesn't love well-built, elite stuff." I've always know I'm an elitist.
  • Gospel - If you didn't stick to this list, you were probably in trouble. Yes, EpIII is on it. Yes, it probably shouldn't be there. Beware if these crossed your path.
  • #2 - This is the #2 most-visited posting I've had on this blog. Everybody loves HINOI Team. This post's predecessor was no slouch either.
  • The Top Article - This is the #1 post on this blog. Tough to argue against it; Sabine and Jenn make a hell of a team. Congrats ladies.
There are a lot more interesting and well-composed posts and articles on the site which I haven't touched on here. With one year of material to go through, you've got some reading to do.

Have fun!

- J


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