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Thursday, April 13, 2006

PS2 price drop on the horizon....

GameSpot has pointed out a research not from Lazzard Capital Markets analyst Colin Sebastian, where he says that the time is right for Sony to cut the price on the PS2 from $149.99 to $129.99, possibly happening this month, with a cut down to $99.99 likely to happen in 2007.

I've been hoping for a cut to $99.99 for some time now, and I'm not entirely sure that a cut down to $129.99 is going to be enough to get me to replace my current PS2 (one of the originals, which is dying). 13% is nice, but it's not a big motivator.

With God of War 2 coming and Tourist Trophy already out, along with GT4 and God of War now part of the Greatest Hits series, I can see how Sony sees life left in the PS2. That being said, everyone knows that the top developers aren't developing for the current systems; they've switched their attention to the next-gen. If sales are still strong enough to justify meting out small price drops, I guess that it's not a terrible move, but a 30% drop is going to generate a lot more interest and attention.

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