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Monday, April 24, 2006

Silent Hill....

Having given myself the opportunity to take in a showing of Silent Hill on Friday, and having the weekend to think it over, I thought I'd post some observations.

First off, if you haven't played the games, and you're taste in films isn't dirt poor, you aren't going to be a big fan of Silent Hill. Rotten Tomatoes has it rated @ 25%. While I don't put a lot of weight in critics reviews (since they're wrong at least as often as they're right), one has to take notice when 3 out of 4 critics hated the movie. If you're a big fan of the games, there's a pretty good chance you're going to love the film, since that's what seems to be the major trend (film tastes of those sampled have not been noted).

Having just a little experience with the games, I enjoyed a large portion of the film, but as I expected from the Roger Avary script, the film as a whole just can't be good. I didn't completely dislike Silent Hill, but if it would have had more work done to the script, Silent Hill could have been a fantastic movie, and a horror classic. Instead, I liked about 3/4 of the film, and the rest was awful.

If you've read any reviews/opinions of the film, you've probably seen the art direction mentioned, and it really is fantastic. On top of that, the movie really does re-create the feel of the games (until the last 1/4, where it just turns to complete crap). Gans did a solid job directing, but the script really weighs the film down.

What about Sean Bean you ask? If his part was completely edited out of the film, you would have never known it was there. His character does absolutely nothing, he has some sort of horrible accent which you can't place and is there for no good reason, and he was a complete waste of time in this film. WHY CAN'T SEAN BEAN GET A GOOD PART?! As Ben Affleck might put it, "When Lord? When?! When's gonna be my time?!"

In a year when we've already had two really enjoyable horror films, Hostel and Final Destination 3, I guess maybe it was too much to ask for Silent Hill to also be good.

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