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Friday, April 28, 2006

Videogame roundup....

In case you haven't read already, Nintendo has decided to change the name of the Revolution (their upcoming game system) to "Wii."

I was going to note this yesterday, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. "Wii?!" How can I go out and buy something named "Wii?" I can just imagine how a conversation might go...
  • Friend - Hey, Jason, what's up?
  • Me - Nothing much, just went out and bought myself a Wii.
  • F - A what?
  • Me - Wii.
  • F - Uh huh.
  • Me - I think I'm going to put my Wii on top of my PS3, it's just the right size.
  • F - What?!
  • Me - Yeah, great form factor.
Nintendo dropped the ball on this one. I think it's a horrible choice, and I just don't see how it's better than Revolution.

Of course, people have said similar things about other Nintendo choices plenty of times in the past, and Nintendo is still around and doing very well, so I'm sure everything will work out in the end; I just think that Revolution was a much better name. A poll on agrees with me, with 73% of the almost 40,000 responses choosing "WTF?" as their answer. 11% chose "Whaa?" for their answer. Analysts don't like it either, as mentioned in the above-linked article.

Sony emailed me to let me know the PSP is $199. I haven't seen this reported elsewhere, and since the email ended up in my spam box, I don't have further details on it, since it got deleted without being read. But if you're in the market for a PSP (shouldn't they have a new version coming soon?), then that news might interest you.

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