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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Sticker shocked....

As expected, the talk of the internet after the first day of E3 is PS3 related. "The controller should have vibration feedback, the price is too much, there are too many features, and why two SKUs" are the main topics.

While I can't disagree with most of those items (I think more features is a good thing), I can say that the initial sticker shock has worn off a little bit for me. I still think that $600 is too high for a console, but being that about 30% of the reason I want a PS3 is to give Blu-Ray a spin, that makes the price much more worthwhile and palatable.

Plus, if you need more convincing, there's a new MGS4 trailer.

I'm sure this argument will be repeated and fleshed out later on, but my initial projections have the PS3 costing about $1k for people to get into.
  • System = $600
  • 3 games = $180 (hopefully 3 games will be $150, but that seems doubtful)
  • 1 extra controller = $50 (not confirmed)
  • 1 Memory Card = $25+ (I'm not sure if Memory Stick, SD, and other formats will work as PS3 memory cards or not, but that's what a PS2 card costs).
  • 1 Blu-Ray movie = $40+/- (some may be around $25 by the time November hits, or it could be that retailers hike the prices on them up in anticipation of the holiday season and the PS3 launch exponentially increasing the number of BRD players in the market)
  • Total = $895 + tax (8.8%) = $973.76
  • * For people with HD displays, add even more to the cost for a HDMI cable.
These numbers can of course change depending on the person and their location. As we've seen in the past, bundles are likely enough that we can assume they'll be forced on customers, and a 3-game-plus-1-controller bundle is far from unlikely.

Start saving now!

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