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Sunday, May 21, 2006

Very mediocre....

Having the opportunity to take in a showing of The Da Vinci Code on Friday, I must admit I was far from overwhelmed.

The movie felt like it was made for people who have read the book. It was almost like you needed to be familiar with the story and plot, to be able to have an idea what was going on in the film. Quite simply, the movie was a mess.

On a positive note, I would say the movies does follow the book pretty faithfully. The problem is, everything just kind of happens. The characters don't have any trouble figuring out the codes, or solving puzzles, they just do it. It's like, "hey, this is an anagram... and I've already figured it out."

The actors, many very good actors, are not good in the film. Ian McKellan does a good job trying to shore the movie up, but he can't pull it off by himself. With a cast of so many good actors, and Ron Howard directing, I am befuddled as to why the movie was so poor.

Really I guess the biggest problem with the movie was the script. It was like someone over at Universal said, "we're doing this movie, gimme a script," and then a week later Akiva Goldsman had it done. Everything felt like not enough time and thought was put into it. The dialogue was not good (though I can say I didn't have as much of a problem with it as other people did, but that might change if I watched the movie again), and the movie felt like it was 17 hours long. By the time the film was over, I was glad to not have to deal with it anymore.

So far it seems like the 2006 Summer Movie season is off to a stuttering start. MI:III was passable, Poseidon (which I decided to skip, like many other people did) is supposed to be very bad, and The Da Vinci Code isn't good at all. This week brings us X3, which looks better and better in its trailers, but of course that doesn't mean anything.

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