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Sunday, June 11, 2006


With World Cup fever taking over the world (well, at least those parts that aren't the USA), Deutschland's victory in their first game of this World Cup (with none of their goals coming from Michael Ballack), along with me even doing well so far in my Germany Cup Pick 'Em, now seems like a good time to jump on the Euro-trip bandwagon.

So I've decided to go to Oktoberfest next year. It should be a lot of fun: drinking, seeing Europe, drinking, doing a little more sightseeing, more drinking; you get the idea.

One thing which I think is going to be pretty salient by the time I leave for Munich is Broken Lizard's upcoming Beerfest. A movie about two Americans who have to bring-it for a sort of "Fight-Club with beer." How does that not appeal?! Of course, one could argue that the Broken Lizard boys have had a tough time since making Super Troopers (which was genius), but I don't think anyone can say that Beerfest doesn't sound incredible.

The movie is getting low amounts of buzz right now (all the hype is going to Snakes on a Plane), but I'm hoping by the time August 25 rolls around people are much more aware of this film. Being that it's coming out a week after Snakes on a Plane, and the same day as the DOA movie, I think they might have a rough time at the boxoffice. It wouldn't surprise me if the date got pushed a little bit (maybe a September or October release to coincide with the festival).

As for my trip, pics hopefully will abound, but I don't think I'll be switching to a photo-blog (I'm thinking something more like Flickr). Camera choice might be tough though. I've been wanting to get a Canon Digital Rebel XT, but I don't think that I'm really going to want to pack hardware like that around while I'm swilling copious amounts of brew. I've thought about the Kate Moss-advertised Nikon S6 (and I like Nikon), but if I was going to go with a digicam based on the person used in the ad campaign, I'd get myself a Canon Powershot.

Hopefully the dollar is stronger against the euro a year from now.

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