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Sunday, July 23, 2006

MGS4 from Comic Con....

In case you didn't already know, the San Diego Comic Con is a haven (or maybe "heaven") for all sorts of stuff that appeals to geeks. Obviously comics are well represented, but there's also: movies, porn, television shows, and videogames.

Apparently Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear series, was present at Comic Con, and some lucky schmuck bumped into him. I haven't even bumped into Kojima myself, and taking my past experience bumping into celebs (I bumped into Michael Andretti outside a bathroom at a race once, for example), I know that I probably wouldn't have the presence of mind to ask questions. This guy did.* Here are some excerpts from what he learned.

  • The game is going to be in 1080. He doesn't know if it's 1080i or 1080p, but either way I'll be happy. If you haven't seen Xbox 360 games running in high def (or even current gen stuff), and you don't think HD is important, you're simultaneously completely wrong and missing the boat. This should be awesome!
  • The game has to go on a BRD, it couldn't fit on a DVD9. Not really a surprise here, though it's nice to know that you're going to get some value for the high $$$ total you'll have to fork out to play this stuff.
  • They're thinking about using the tilt function to break necks in the game. That's just ... I can't think of anything nice to say here... I want my rumble feature back.
There's more, but that's some of the more interesting stuff. Check out the full post here.

* I don't normally put an asterisk by stuff I post, but this just warranted it. Why? The source is somewhat dubious. Here's the rundown: the source is a Wii forum board. On top of that, this poster wants us to believe that he ran into the guy who made Metal Gear, and nobody recognized who he was. Yeah, sorry, that's a little tough to believe. While I will say that comic geeks COULD get a pass for not recognizing some celebs, not recognizing the creator of the best game of all time, that's a little tough to believe. Additionally, the info comes not from Kojima, but someone from his entourage. Furthermore, to believe that someone from Hideo's entourage would just give up info on MGS4 to some guy who bumps into them at a convention, stuff that they haven't divulged to the gaming press, I don't know about that. Taking all that into account, I still posted it.

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