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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

You so stupid....

Hours after I said North Korea wouldn't launch a missile, that they were simply posturing, reports now suggest that they launched not one, not two, but up to four missiles!!!

I had thought the North Koreans were simply posturing and trying to get concessions. Reports have had their Taepodong-2 missile on the pad and fueled for weeks now, and the reality is that your just don't fuel a missile and leave it sitting for that long. Now they go and do this. Granted, they didn't do anything quite as stupid as putting the missile over Japan or anything, but they really made a bad move.

These launches could have implications for financial markets tomorrow, and they definitely will spark tensions and cause some UN headaches. Any progress which had been made up to now has been lost, and the North Koreans have also shown that they can't credibly threaten anyone outside of the SE Asian theater.

Kim Jong-Il has made himself look dumber than in the past, and that's quite a feat.

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