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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Das Boot!!!....

Having taken in a showing of Beerfest last night, I can officially say that Hollywood is starting to show signs of getting out of their three year slump of terrible movies. Don't get me wrong, there's a long way to go, but the signs are there.

As for the movie, I thoroughly enjoyed it. I suppose that's probably because I was the target audience (fan of Super Troopers, drinking, and I make German jokes too), but regardless of that I still thought the movie was a lot of fun.

The biggest criticism I can (quickly) come up with of the film? A few of the scenes from the trailer weren't included in the theatrical cut (for example, the Swedish girls exclaiming how they're going to spank the USA team). This was probably done so the movie can get a couple different DVD releases, but it often gets on my nerves when a trailer has footage that doesn't make its way into the film.

The movie, as you may or may not know, is about Americans who have to go to Munich during Oktoberfest to participate in Beerfest, a secret drinking competition. The two main characters are related to the reigning German champions, and the Germans are not too happy to meet their cousins. We find out that the Americans are related to a member of the family who ran away to the US, and took with him the family's secret recipe for "the greatest beer in the world." The film follows a pretty straight formula from there, recruit a motley crew of drinkers, convince them to kick ass in the competition, train, have troubles with the team, go to the competition and face their adversaries.

There were some funny inside jokes, one of my favorites was "Das Boot." During Beerfest there is a competition called "Das Boot" which is basically a beer relay where the final drinker has to swill out of a large glass boot. While drinking out of the boot, only the German team seem to know the secret to avoiding having a pocket of air shoot beer out of the boot (thus disqualifying the drinking team). Being that Jurgen Prochnow was the guy overseeing Beerfest, I thought the "Das Boot" joke was great. Me and three other people in the theater got the joke (and yes, it was a sell out crowd).

Following Snakes on a Plane, Beerfest is another fun movie to see in the theater. Check it out.

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