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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kicked in the teeth....

The first thing I read this morning is that the Mariners have traded given away Jamie Moyer for two Class-A prospects. Then I read that Snakes on a Plane was only able to earn $15.25 million this weekend.

For a movie that's become a "cultural phenomenon," $15 mill is terrible. What makes it worse for me is that I had anticipated an opening weekend of $30 million or more, so I held onto my HSX stock. The stock (as of this writing) is priced at $80.55, which means the movie had to make $28.76 million just to break even. With the numbers Box Office Mojo is quoting, the stock will take a $37.85 tumble per share. Spread over 50,000 shares that equates to me losing $1,892,500 on this stock alone. I'll still have a couple million in profit, but that's a nasty hit to take.

So on a day that I'm reeling from the loss of one of my favorite Mariners, I also learn that my HSX portfolio (which has been pretty solid lately) is going to take it in the pants.



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