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Friday, September 15, 2006

I second that Wii-motion....

I had considered not weighing in on this topic, but we all know that it's the content (both quality and frequency) that makes a website work, so I told myself to cowboy-up and say somethin'!

Even though I've made fun of the name in the past, I must admit that I'm getting pretty enthusiastic about the Wii. Yes, it's because I'm a hopeless gamer at heart, and I simply cannot avoid getting enthusiastic about a new console coming out. I've seen some mention made of the fact that the Wii will not have DVD capacity, to which I say... "who cares?!" I don't buy a Nintendo console to watch movies (eg: Gamecube).

I will point out that I'm disappointed about having only one console color option, white, coming at launch; you know that there are many others on the way and to have that variety would have been nice. Also, I'm not into the Wii Sports pack-in game. Nintendo simply did it to help people swallow the $250 price, knowing that they could have put the system out at $225 or possibly $199. From what I've read and seen on the game, it doesn't look like something I'd put much time into at all. Furthermore, while I understand the business idea behind the move, I would have rather have seen dollar denominations shown for the virtual console games than "Wii points." According to GameSpot, the console is going to have an AV multi-out, which will support component cables. If this is true, and there is a single multi-out, then it will be the first Nintendo console since the SNES to not support their existing spec.

The box I am totally down with! Yes, I know it looks like they stole it from Apple, but I just don't care! White is the new black, and that box looks great. I'll have to get an iPod just so the Wii can have a matching buddy.

I was poking around the 1up site today (I like their site design), where I saw some pics from upcoming PS3 titles. This winter season could get really expensive for gamers. While I think that I'm going to hold off from getting out of hand in purchases, I could easily understand someone spending $1500 on games... for their self. With all the online capabilities of these new consoles, I'm glad I decided go get a new wireless router; this guy is probably going to get a lot of use.

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