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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Mariners slap fans in the face....

On the day they lost their fan appreciation night game, the Mariners management sent out a letter to season ticket holders letting them know the team is going to be a loser again next season.

That is, Mike Hargrove is coming back to manage the team next year.

I could see bringing Bavasi back. I think the guy has made a lot of terrible moves, but you can tell that the minor leagues could maybe get some good players up to the majors. It's possible to think that Bavasi might be very slowly building something. But Hargrove?! No way; the guy is just a terrible manager. If the Mariners were concerned about having a manager who handles young players well, then they should have signed Joe Girardi (the guy who's managing the youngest team in the league, the Marlins). Or better yet, Lou Pinella.

For one, Hargrove's obvious infatuation with Willie-Ballgame has done nothing but hurt the team. And demanding Ichiro to move to center? Why take the best fielding right fielder in the majors and move him to another position? This just creates a logjam that guys like Jeremy Reed and Adam Jones can't get through. Considering we passed up trading those guys for players like Jonathan Papelbon, they need to be able to develop and play at the major league level. USS Mariner has more opinions on the Hargrove retention here and here.

This coming in the year that Ichiro is a free-agent. Why isn't the team doing everything they can to get the team back to being a contender, thus giving Ichiro a lot more reason to want to stay (and if you think that Ichiro is a selfish player, and that he isn't good for the team, you're a complete idiot)?

It sucks when you go to the games, and want the team to win (which I firmly believe they have the talent to do, just not the manager to do so), but the management keeps messing up the works. By this time next year, Hargrove will either be gone, or we'll be talking about him not coming back, following yet another losing season.

All this while the Seahawks are working to become the fixation of Seattle. Seattle is a baseball town, but if you don't give us a baseball team, people are going to pay more attention to something else, like the 'Hawks.

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