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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Silver Bullet Blast....

EB Games has let the cat out of the bag; the silver PS2 is finally coming to the USA. See the pic to the left.

I've been waiting for Sony to get this system out here in the US. If they aren't going to drop the price down to $99, at least give us some colors to choose from! EB's got it pegged as coming out 10/24, which was right around the time I was hoping for the drop to $99; this is probably what we get in place of the price drop. I can even tell you what the company people were thinking too,
"PS3s are going to be completely unavailable, driving Wii sales through the roof. When those sell out, then the 360s are going to sell out, then maybe we'll get lucky and snag some current-gen hardware sales! Maybe the PS2 will sell better if it's available in another color?"
If you're wondering about the validity of the EB site, the major game retailers here in the US have a long history of being the place where the press learns of street dates, pricing, and upcoming games/systems; this info is good.

A few months back I was pretty close to buying a Japanese PS2 slim-line system in either white or silver, but I held off. While the news of this system doesn't make up for my not pulling the trigger, it's nice to know that I'm going to have the option to put a silver slim-line on my system rack that can play my US copy of Tekken Tag. It'd be nicer to know that it could play my US copy of Tekken 5, but hey, you can't always have your cake and eat it too.

As soon as Amazon gets this system listed on their site, I'll put up a link. Don't forget, clicking on the ad links here helps keep me writing! You don't want to buy from Game Stop or EB Games, they treat employees horribly.

As for the pic, if you hadn't noticed, I cut off the stuff that didn't pertain to the EB website. I figured people didn't really care to see that I'm running Firefox, with 3 tabs open, with BOINC and iTunes 7.

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