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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Police Story finally coming to Region 1....

Did you remember that yesterday was Bruce Lee's birthday? If you didn't, be sure to get your memorial viewing of Enter the Dragon in as soon as possible.

In other news, as part of their new Dragon Dynasty label, The Weinstein Company will be releasing Jackie Chan's Police Story on December 19th!

Featuring some of Jackie's coolest stunts (the car chase down the hill was later ripped off by Michael Bay in Bad Boys II, for example), Police Story is excellent Jackie Chan fare. I was able to finally pick up the "Killzone" DVD, and I'm happy enough with it that I won't be hesitating to pick up Police Story.

Years ago the rights to Police Story were in the hands of New Line, who just seemed to sit on them, and couldn't be bothered to release it to DVD. Now those rights, for better or worse, have made their way to the Weinsteins.

The Police Story DVD will feature anamorphic video, a commentary featuring Bey Logan and Brett Ratner, deleted scenes and more. It's even going to be out in time for Christmas; don't miss it!

Here's a video featuring some highlights from Police Story, set to a bad techno mix of the "Speed TK re-mix" song from Speed 2: Cruise Control. Enjoy!

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