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Friday, December 01, 2006

PS3 Day....

Since it's Friday, and everybody loves Sony and PlayStation news, here are some tidbits for you to chew on over coffee this weekend.

A Japanese market analyst has predicted that Sony will not make a PS4 because Ken Kutaragi was moved to a different position within the company. What kind of Christmas present do you think he's going to be getting from Howard Stringer? Something along the lines of a lump of coal? What an idiot. Sony is not going to pull a Sega and switch to software only. For one thing, they don't have the developers to make a decision like that work. On top of that, while Sony loses money on these consoles when they first come out, over the course of the system's life they end up making a ton of money (particularly when they're the market leader).

1UP has posted the Top 10 PS3 Complaints, and the article is an interesting read. Most of the stuff they list I think will be resolved in firmware updates coming soon. While you can argue that Sony should have had those update in the console when it shipped (since they had so much lead time for it), I think it's fine they didn't. Why? Quite simply, there aren't enough consoles out there to make a difference. There are seemingly more Ferrari Enzos out there than there are PS3s, so who really is affected by these lapses by Sony? Some ass who's willing to fork over $1500 for one on eBay? Cry me a river.

Regarding 1up's complaint about no memory card adapters being available, that's completely planned on Sony's part. This is what happens when your writers have no experience in either business or the industry (don't get me wrong, I like 1up, but c'mon); they just don't get it. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to know that Sony needs to have as high of an attachment rate as possible with the PS3 to help them make money, and that isn't going to happen if people are using it to play their PS1 and PS2 games. To deter people from doing that, and making them either buy $60 PS3 games or $40 Blu-Ray movies, Sony has not released the memory card adapter. I applaud them for a smart business move, just like I applauded Microsoft for blocking Xbox DVD playback for people who didn't buy the first-party DVD remote.

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