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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Trials and tribulations....

I've heard plenty of times in the past that buying a car sucks. All these horror stories about stupid used or new car salespersons who did things unfathomable to the normal, intelligent, person. Of course I always thought, "I can do better than you and your problem won't be mine."

Boy was I WRONG!

The stupidity exhibited by some of the people with whom I have interacted lately boggles the mind. Take the following example.

It's not a secret that I want a 350z; I think just about everybody I know knows that about me. It seems that these car guys know it too, and they're being assholes about selling me one.

One dealer that I was working with (name withheld because a court hasn't found them guilty of gross negligence...yet) had two different Zs that I was looking at. The first one, when I came to see the car after watching it sit on their lot for about two-and-a-half months, was selling as I showed up. Bummer, but I can deal, and so we moved to plan B.

Plan B was a car they had on the lot for 3 months. After 3 months it would stand to reason that they'd want to deal and get the car moved, while at the same time still making money. Being as extraordinarily intelligent (especially in comparison) and even-handed as I am, I was willing to deal on the car to get the price reduced, but still enable them to make a profit on the car. Of course, after sitting on the car for 3 months, you don't get to make as much as you would have liked. Period. They didn't see it that way.

In hindsight, the person (gender and name withheld because a court hasn't found said person guilty of gross negligence...yet) I was dealing with just didn't take me seriously. Looking back on the situation, I find it difficult to wrap my head around. When I come to you, say "I want to buy this car," and you don't take me seriously, I find that problematic. There's a communication breakdown there on par with this person being an ex-girlfriend.

So anyway, this dealer had a car I wanted, the salesperson knew I wanted it, and was completely unwilling to deal. This person could not see the facts that they needed to move the car, and the price point they were selecting just wasn't cutting it. I figure they must have had a fantastic sales month. Enough sales that this person said, "man, I've made so much money this month, I just cannot tolerate making any more than I have already. I'm going to phone in my performance for the rest of the month." That's the only sensible way to explain my experience with this person.

Yesterday, the day I was ready to pull the trigger on a deal, I called this person. I left them a message, telling them that I wanted to deal on the car, I was ready to buy, etc. It took the salesperson two hours to call me back. When I received the call, what they had to say left me absolutely flabbergasted.

The 350Z I had taken for a test drive and repeatedly said I wanted to deal with them on, had been wholesaled earlier in the week. To put it nicely, I was pissed off. This idiot had not only let the car go, but not tried in the least to contact me with a final sales push, and then wholesaled the damn thing instead of selling it for a profit!

I did a good job of restraining my rage, and asked where the car went and how much the wholesaler paid for it. The person had to call me back, and it turns out that they could get the car back and sell it to me if I wanted. I thought this was great news, and we were finally getting to a point where we could deal.

"That's good news. What are you willing to do about the price?" I asked.

"Well, we'll sell it to you for the sticker price." I was told.

"You mean the price you have been unable to sell it at for the three months it's been sitting on your lot? That's unacceptable." I replied.

"Well, I'm not going to go below that."

"Well, you haven't been able to sell it at that price, and I want to buy it! You need to deal on it."


"Your inability and unwillingness to deal on this vehicle has disadvantaged both you and I. Now you are not making a commission on my sale, and I am not able to get the car that I wanted and planned on buying. I hope you're cognizant of that and learn from this experience for your future," I fired back.

"Well, my IQ is only 88, and I have a tough time understanding spoken English. In elementary school I was held back so many times I eventually hit the limit and they just had to graduate me."

Ok, that last line wasn't what they said, but it's what this person should have said. The person I was dealing with was fairly young (I'd wager they're younger than I am), and obviously has a lot to learn. Being that as it may, what happened in my situation was completely unacceptable.

So now I'm stuck in a position where I have to decide, should I keep trying to get this dealership to do what I want (I'm completely done with the person I had been working with, but if I could get what I wanted, then I might deal with the dealer more), or should I just move on to something else? I think I should probably move on to something else, it just pains me to know that had I worked with someone more intelligent, both they and I would have benefited.

As I leave you to ponder this state of affairs, be sure to factor the following into your deliberations:

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