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Tuesday, March 27, 2007


You know what would NOT make me want to see an upcoming film?

One thing could be needlessly destroying beautiful cars. There's just something wrong with that (If you're about to chime in about The Fast and The Furious, it's one thing if you take a car, slap a body kit and some other performance stuff on it, and turn it into something different than it originally was. There were 350Zs that died in Tokyo Drift, but those cars weren't the same car as mine).

So take Eddie Griffin's upcoming movie, Redline. Before today I knew one thing about Redline, that I was not going to see it. While I'm a car guy, that doesn't mean that I am compelled to watch all car movies; Redline was one I planned on passing on. After today, I know four things about Redline: Eddie Griffin is in it, the producer is an idiot, they destroy a Porsche Carrera GT, and I'm still not going to see it.

So I find out when I get home today that Eddie, aka Undercover Brother, has decided to go and total a Ferrari Enzo. My first reaction was disappointment; whenever an Enzo dies, it's like a child has died. Following my disappointment was anger; while I absolutely love my Z, I'm man enough to admit that I would trade it for an Enzo (for one week, until something broke on the car, then I'd want my Z back). Following my anger was bewilderment; how could someone destroy something that was so expensive? The answer to that is, obviously they are being paid too much and do not have an appreciation of money.

So I now present to you, the death of a Ferrari Enzo. Be sure to have a bucket nearby, as there's a good chance you're going to find this as sickening as I did.

And another angle, from the News:

And if that's not enough for you, how about a post-crash interview? Eddie, who has already demonstrated his intelligence, tells us he was happy to survive the crash, that he's blessed, and that he was going 110 miles per hour when he hit the wall. When asked if the Enzo was too much car, Eddie responds that it wasn't, it was a matter of, "a cone got caught, and the wheel locked." Of course, we have video to show that isn't the case. What's more funny, while it is a video, it looks like he's doing about 30-40 miles per hour; certainly he is doing nowhere near 110.

Doesn't this stink of being a publicity stunt? I'm sure other people are thinking the same thing. Why would the movie producer have Eddie Griffin driving his Enzo? Why would Eddie crash straight into a wall, going 30 MPH? Hasn't this brought a wealth of attention that the film otherwise would not have had? Publicity stunt.

For more examples of Redline stupidity, check out Autoblog's gallery, which includes the Porsche Carrera GT that was destroyed for the film (to be shown in the film). And if you haven't tossed your cookies yet, check out what other dumb rich people do with cars limited to 399 units produced.

And to not leave a bad taste in your mouth, I'll leave you with one of my favorite Clarkson quotes of all time, "I've never known such savagery!" The BBC took away my old link.

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