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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Oakley Large Roller Bag....

I recently took a short flight which provided me some interesting insight for my upcoming trip to Germany.

While at the airport, waiting for my bag that I had thought was fairly conspicuous to come down the baggage claim ramp, I realized that if I was going to buy a bag, I wanted to get something I could identify. My first choice had been the Oakley Large Roller Bag, in black. I had figured Oakley makes excellent products, and few people would probably have an Oakley bag, so it would be tough to mix it up with other bags at the airport.

Of course as I stood there at Baggage Claim, waiting for the bag I thought I couldn't miss, I missed it. It wasn't a big deal, I just got it the second time it came around, but the situation got me thinking, I don't want to have any baggage problems, especially when I have a bag full of German Oktoberfest paraphernalia. So that made me reconsider my bag purchase choice.

Upon visiting the Oakley site again, I found that they offer the Large Roller Bag in three different color choice options: Black, Black Tiger Camo, and Khaki Tiger Camo. It was then that I knew what I had to do, if I was going to avoid losing my bag among a sea of luggage which all looks the same, I had to get the Khaki Tiger Camo bag.

First a few thoughts on the bag itself. Like all Oakley products which aren't sunglasses, it's tough to find a retailer who has them, much less a good selection of them. I made a trip to my nearest Oakley store (which is 2 hours away), hoping that I would find the bags I was looking for. Just reading the description on the Oakley site, it was tough to know exactly what the bag was like. 100 cubic liters of storage space sure sounded to me like it was a lot, but I needed to see it. Upon arriving at the O Store, I found the large roller bag, but only in Black and Black Tiger. With a completely straight face I asked the girl who was working, "do you have this in the Khaki Tiger Stripe camo?" She gave me an odd look, and deadpanned a simple "no."

While the store didn't have exactly what I wanted to buy, I was able to get a look at the bag itself, and I was completely sold. It's no secret that I think Oakley makes some fantastic products, and this bag seems to be no exception. The bag is quite large, and feels like it's going to handle the stresses of international travel like a champ. I think under normal traveling circumstances this bag would be large enough for two people to use, but I need storage room for the way back, not the on the way over. The advertised 100 cubic liters seems a little high, but there's definitely room for some souvenirs. The wheels look to be well made, and definitely have an easy rolling action to them, which will come in handy when I'm tired and carrying an excessive amount of stuff in the bag on the way back.

I took some photos tonight of the bag. It's tough to find pics of these things, and if you don't have an O Store close by, that makes buying something like this a tough decision. More photos are available here.

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