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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Planet Terror comes to DVD....

On October 16th, one of the best movies of the year hits DVD!

The DVD has an extended version of the film, including the "missing reel." The 2-Disc DVD includes the following features:
  • Feature Length Audio Commentary By Writer/Director Robert Rodriguez
  • Audience Screening Track
  • 10 Minute Film School
  • Sickos, Bullets And Explosions: The Stunts Of Planet Terror
  • The Badass Babes Of Planet Terror
  • Casting Robert Rodriguez’s Son Rebel
  • The Guys Of Planet Terror
  • The Friend, The Doctor And The Real Estate Agent
  • International Poster Gallery and International Trailer
I hope there's an option to watch the theatrical cut of the film. The part where the reel had been "missing" made for a great moment.

Of course, it looks like this film doesn't have the trailers from Grindhouse on it, and from what I've read, Death Proof didn't have the trailers either (I'm not stupid enough to buy Death Proof, so I can't verify this info). So if you really loved Planet Terror, like I did, this DVD release is probably going to be worth picking up, but keep in mind a box set is OBVIOUSLY on the way.

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