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Sunday, November 11, 2007


As the hype continues to build for Rockband, I'm reminded that it's coming out next week. With the success of Guitar Hero III, you'd have to think that there's a healthy market for Rockband, and they're releasing it the week on Thanksgiving, so that should provide a nice holiday sales push for the game.

I'm still not sure where I sit with the game. I think I need to focus on getting better at Guitar Hero before I run out and by a game that comes with a whole band set. But I do know that Rockband is going to be very popular. Amazon has a note on their Rockband product page saying that people need to get their orders in if they want the game in time for Christmas.

I hope next year isn't so packed full of big releases in the last 3-4 months of the year. It's nice to have a bunch of cool stuff to choose from, but sometimes too much isn't a good thing. If these companies want us to drop $60 a pop ($90 for Guitar Hero and $170 for Rockband) they need to remember that not everybody is made of money. If these games were coming out at a $40 price point it would be easier to run out and get more of them as they come out. With the whopping $60 price, you can't get all of them, and by the time the price drops all too often you just don't care about getting the game as much as you did when it first came out.

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