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Monday, December 24, 2007

Since it's that time of the year....

I'm fine with the whole "Happy Holidays" thing, since there are a lot of holidays that people celebrate in the month of December, and there's New Year's tacked right on to the end of that period, so it seems appropriately inclusive.

So here's your present (for whatever holiday you celebrate):

That's right...HINOI Team! I don't remember how I came across this vid, but by running into it I was thinking, "in hindsight, I probably could have made Christmas shopping easier on people if I would have just said 'get me some HINOI Team stuff.'" This video takes "Blood" by Francois Dubois, and matches it with the HINOI Team "Yeah" ParaPara video. The two work very well together.

Looking through past HINOI Team posts, I see that Google Video has given way to YouTube on most of the videos, so I'll get around to updating those links sooner or later.

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