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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The thief....

Once again, Richie Sexson is stealing from Mariners fans.

Instead of just sucking at the plate and in the field (and not caring to make any improvements in his game due to being secure in the knowledge he's getting a ginormous paycheck either way), now he is causing Mariners ticket prices to go up. One might try to make the argument that it's not him directly causing the increase, but you can rest assured it is.

The Mariners, who recently lost out on their opportunity to obtain Japanese free agent Hiroki Kuroda, have decided that they will need to be more active in the free agent market (and probably are thinking they need bigger offers), so they need to increase ticket prices. And Richie is the reason. His albatross contract, and complete lack of interest in winning, has hamstrung the Mariners (and their fans), and now the fans get to be further burdened by his contract after already being burdened by the losses and strikeouts he hangs on us. ESPN has his salary at 15.5 million, 14.55% of the team's 2007 total. Because Sexson is vacuuming up all of the payroll, they need to increase prices to be able to try to get other players who can pick up his slack. Before you mention Ichiro's contract, remember that he's the best center fielder in baseball, and that he is actually providing more wins to the team than they would have otherwise had, plus more ad and ticket sales revenue. People aren't traveling over here from Kobe to watch Sexson's world-famous "I-make-a-lot-of-money-and-don't-give-a-shit-about-winning" strikeouts.

In his article on the increase, John Hickey from the PI has put together a nice table showing average ticket price and number of wins for all of MLB. The Mariners, in terms of price, are right in the middle, though there are noticeable differences in some spots, such as perennial contenders, the Atlanta Braves, who don't have an albatross contract like Sexson's weighing down their opportunities to win or their payroll, and their ticket prices show it.

The Mariners are also going to be employing a price-variation strategy, since long gone are the days of selling out games on a regular basis. Now the sell outs only happen when the faux-Red Sox fans stink up our stadium. On top of that, games they anticipate people will want to go to, such as Opening Day and the Red Sox series, will automatically have $3 added to the price. Also, the later you buy tickets, the more expensive they'll be. I can't wait to see how they're going to cram all of this information into the pocket schedule.

So when you're in line with me on March 1, trying to get opening day tickets before the price jumps further through the roof than their now-current $61 price, be sure to say a little thanks to Richie Sexson.

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  • Eff you Richie Sexson! Plus, the M's need to be careful this offseason. Don't overpay for what is out there, because it is not worth it.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/18/2007 7:20 PM  

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