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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Well, I'll be....

Tonight, as I was doing my now customary viewing of whatever content is available in HD (hey man, I've been waiting 5 years for this; when I got my TV Comcast didn't even have HD service), I found myself watching PBR (that's "Professional Bull Riding" for those of you who don't drive a 4x4 or shoot guns).

While I don't think the act of watching PBR was, in and of itself, all that notable, what I did find notable was that not only was bull riding available in HD, but there's even instant replay! One of the guys who was riding apparently fouled his steer, and wasn't going to get points for his ride. He had the option, within 30 seconds of the DQ, to hit a replay button and have the call reviewed. He hit the replay button, the call was reviewed and overturned.

Not to be too glib here, but it's fucking bull riding. Lane Frost didn't have no stinkin' replay, I fail to see why these guys need it. The NFL needs it, and NCAAF would probably be better without it since those guys can't get the calls right even with the replay, but bull riding doesn't need replay.



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