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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Best portable music player ever....

22 years ago, when Transformers: The Movie came out, Soundwave was one of the coolest transformers; a Decepticon who was able to transform from robot to portable tape player (robot in disguise). What Soundwave could not do 22 years ago was play music...but now we live in the future!*

I present to you, the best portable music player ever...Soundwave. Soundwave is available in two colors, his original blue scheme and a new white motif, to be more "iPodish," one would assume. The player can accept a 2GB mini-SD card full of your favorite MP3s, and can play in either figure mode or when transformed into the player, to provide ultimate geek-cred along with cool tunes.

The "Transformers Music Label" line also includes an Optimus Prime iPod speaker base and a set of Rumble & Frenzy earphones, for the ultimate in Transformers music.

The pic is from NCSX (a fantastic store for Japanese imports), as the Takara site is having some troubles.

*We actually live further in the future than Transformers: The Movie takes place in, as the film was set in 2005, 20 years after the TV show's first season.

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