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Monday, January 14, 2008

Giver of information....

That's what I'm here for; to give you info. So if you're Googling "atlanta booze thief" then this is what you'll get.

I have to admit, I'm at a loss for words on that one.

Also, looking back at some old posts I found a nice little opinion of mine which has borne itself out. A little over a year ago I said of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD,
On the Digital Bits, Bill Hunt says that he hopes the new formats begin similar to how DVD did, and they're both elitist formats, where you get excellent discs because the studios are trying to get people to buy their stuff. While I hope that he's right, I don't think that's how it's going to turn out. I think that these studios will offer the same transfers from DVD discs, only slightly upgraded (which is what happened with DVD, using LD transfers). Also, I don't think that we're going to see amazing special editions, at least not at first. I think that it's going to be similar to when companies first were making DTS discs, with them saying that the movie information on the disc took up so much space that there wasn't anything left for extras. Let's hope I'm wrong, but I don't expect the new generation discs to be something special from a presentation standpoint.

That has completely come true. While there have been some nice high def discs, the majority have been rehashed crap. Studios like Fox and Sony are some of the worst offenders, such as Fox offering "Live Free or Die Hard" on Blu-Ray without the unrated version which was released the same day on DVD, and Sony clogging up retailers' shelves with reprints of catalog titles they've released 3-6 times already in various DVDs incarnations. All of this on top of astronomical pricing of $30-40 regularly, with Bandai anime running up to $80 (which, I should point out, The Digital Bits is entirely ok with, while the many other people aren't so high on those prices). Warner is treating US anime fans ok with Appleseed on HD-DVD and Blu-Ray, so why can't the other manufacturers do the same thing?

Just a little psychic prediction-ing for you.

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