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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Jones for Bedard....

Being that the deal isn't done yet, I'm reluctant to fully weigh in on it right away. I will say that Adam Jones is the best prospect the Mariners have had in a LONG time, so if they get rid of him they better be damn sure it's the right move. Cause if it isn't, then that's going to screw the franchise for years to come (long past Bavasi's tenure, which seems to be drawing to a close).

Additionally, Bedard is a great pitcher. I must admit, it's really exciting to think of adding him to the rotation, to give a Bedard-Felix pair equaling one of, if not the best, front 2 starters in the league.

There are some rumors floating around that the Mariners are ready to sign Brad Wilkerson to play RF once the trade is a done deal. I certainly hope that isn't true. Wilkerson, who hit a whopping .234 last year, would probably cost the M's $3-4 million, and that would be just plain stupid. They could get the same production, and probably better defense, out of either: Jeremy Reed, Mike Morse, or Wladimir Balentien (who would probably be my choice). After screwing themselves by completely overpaying for Carlos Silva (which will have a huge impact on negotiations with Bedard), they don't need to hemorrhage more money by signing a guy to a multi-million dollar contract, who isn't any bit better than the guys they have running around in Tacoma.

Of course, that brings up my next point, this team will not win the AL West without some crazy help, such as the Angels completely falling apart, or most of the Mariners hitters having career years. They aren't good enough to get over the Angels, and losing defense sure isn't going to help that.

If you look at the team, you have the worst 1B in the majors, an unknown in RF who could end up being an under-producing-overpaid veteran, plus a guy who was (and right now should be) our DH playing in LF, and a guy who we should have worked on getting rid of currently as the DH. All that on top of 4th and 5th starters in the rotation who are completely overpaid and not worth the time we're spending on them. If Bavasi was smart, he'd look to move one of the pitchers (Washburn makes the most sense, since nobody else was stupid enough to give Silva that much money, so they won't take on his contract) for a corner outfielder, and if he could, package Vidro with the pitcher to make the deal happen. That would get two balloon contracts off the books, allow Raul to move back to DH (where he should be), and bring in a good outfielder to stick in either RF or LF (just depends on who they get). Then they stick one of my above mentioned guys in the other outfield spot, and you suddenly have a better offensive and defensive team, which costs less money than you're paying now. On top of all that, it would give them an opportunity to get a look at one of the 5 young guys they have competing for the #5 spot in the rotation (Morrow, Baek, Rowland-Smith, Lowe, Feierabend, etc).

All of this could be a moot point. Someone (probably the Mariners, after talking with the Orioles) has told Adam Jones to take back statements he previously made about coming back to the states (he's playing winter ball in Venezuela). It appears as though the Orioles owner might nix the deal because it was leaked. I don't know if that would be a good thing or a bad thing for the Mariners, but I do know that I feel sorry for Adam Jones. He's getting pulled in a bunch of different directions right now, and I'm sure he wishes it would just be over.

As a note on Jones, Geoff Baker at the Seattle Times was completely out of line for calling him a clown over this. Baker was all high on himself for scooping everyone else with news of this deal happening, and now that the Orioles are mad about it getting leaked, the deal might be dead. Baker has wanted this deal to happen for a while, and it would be oddly ironic if he was the guy responsible for killing it. He blames Jones, but make no mistake, the guy who put it all over the internet wasn't Jones.

Much more to come in the following days, I'm sure.

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