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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More on the pending trade for Bedard....

As of right now (0700 PST, 1/30/08) the trade is still "pending."

Yesterday Johan Santana, the best pitcher in MLB, was traded to the Mets for a package of players not as good as the package being offered by the Mariners to the Orioles for Bedard. There had been some talk, way back when the trade rumors first started flying, that the Mariners had contacted the Twins about trying to get Santana. I don't know what was offered back then, but I do know that it's funny that a pitcher who is more highly regarded was traded for a lesser package of players.

Most of the talk, post Santana-trade, has been that the Mariners are getting fleeced, and fans are hoping that Orioles owner Peter Angelos saves Bill Bavasi from himself, and nixes the deal so that we can keep Adam Jones. I don't think that's going to happen. If Angelos is smart, he'll speed up the completion of the deal, since it turns out that Mariners fans' belief that the team was giving up too much for Bedard is true. If anything the "market" price has just been shown to be less, as evidenced by the lesser package of players obtaining the better pitcher (Santana) elsewhere in the league.

Being that the exact package of players the Mariners are giving up still isn't known (as the deal isn't official yet), this Santana trade will make evaluations of the deal even more stringent than they would have been. While I don't like the idea of giving a pitcher a 6 or 7 year deal, I do like the idea of trying to get the best pitcher in baseball on my team. I think the Mets made a fantastic move (and I still wish they would have been willing to deal Jose Reyes to us for Sweet Lou), and they're going to be much better this year because of it. It'll be interesting to see where they rank on the league's salary scale, and compare that to how well they do this season (how can you not project them to at least get to the NLCS).

Today in the Seattle Times, Larry Stone is reporting that the Orioles are saying other team(s) are now interested in Bedard. Their GM told Stone, "We've had some other clubs chime in as well." I don't buy it. Everyone in the league has known for months that Bedard is available, and other teams who were in the running for him (Cincinnati and the Mets, possibly others) have all dropped out; all except the Mariners. Now, knowing approximately the offer the Mariners are putting on the table, why would any team jump back into the fray? The Mariners are offering a better deal than what the Twins got for the best pitcher in baseball! You want me to believe that someone is going to beat it? Bullshit. If another team could beat the Mariners' deal, then they would have done it and that team would either have Santana or Bedard right now.

It seems likely that, as I mentioned in my last post regarding this trade, the Orioles (particularly their owner) aren't happy about word getting out about the deal before it was done, and might be trying to bleed the Mariners a little bit. Hopefully this recent Santana deal works to the Mariners favor, and they don't get taken for an even worse deal than they're already hinting at. As some cynics have pointed out (perhaps not incorrectly), knowing the Mariners' front office, the Santana deal will lead them to give up even more than they had offered before.

As a final note, Geoff Baker backtracked on his comments regarding Adam Jones being a clown. Good move on his part, but it still doesn't change the fact that he let his emotions get the better of him, and he called a young guy a clown because the guy was doing damage control due to the story Baker rushed out.

More as we know it...

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