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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dream a little dream....

With the impending release of the BeerTender, I thought to dig around for some more info, since I know there's a groundswell of anticipation building out there.

Williams-Sonoma is selling them now, for $300. I was hoping they would come out for much less than that here in the US, if nothing else simply because there are two draughtkegs to use on it, Heineken and Heineken Premium Light.

Wouldn't it be awesome if the BeerTender became so popular that it was like iTunes and the iPod and because (more or less) the de-facto option for people looking to enjoy a 5L keg of beer? And then BeerTender-compatible draughtkegs were readily available for a multitude of beers? Wouldn't that be great?

Depending on how well the BeerTender does, Krups might have some competitiion from Philips with their PerfectDraft. One advantage the PerfectDraft has right off the bat is that there are 3 beers listed as being available in compatible kegs: Jupiler, Stella Artois, and Leffe. Of course, that's in Europe but again, we can dream.

Amazon lists two models, which they'll be selling starting 4/1/08 (use your stimulus money!), the B90 and B95 BeerTenders. I'm not completely sure, but it looks like the main difference between the two is that the B95 has more info displayed on the LCD and I think it has temperature choices the B90 does not have. They also list "Beertender Tubes." It seems that there will need to be some changes to the design of the DraughKegs available here in the US so they can work with the BeerTender, and I think possibly these tubes have something to do with that.

I'll work on getting more info to satiate your hunger for the BeerTender.

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