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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue....

In case you hadn't already noticed, Amazon has GT 5 Prologue available for pre-order. For fans of the series, gear heads, and people hurting for something to play on their PS3 (read: all PS3 owners) I recommend taking advantage of that post-haste. ASAP!

I've meant to put up a post on the game for some time now, and I've just kind of forgotten. I am so enthusiastic about this game, I went out and imported myself the Japanese version. And it is awesome!!

First off, let me dispel the myth that GT 5 Prologue is "just a demo." Prologue is certainly much more than any demo I've ever played, that's for sure. There admittedly isn't 700 hours worth of game here, but that's part of the reason why it's coming out at $40 instead of $60. The game comes packed with a great selection of cars, including a rocking GT-R and the beautiful 350Z (available in Daytona Blue, though they've given the color a different name). On top of that Daytona is here, along with a pretty sweet new London track.

In the event that you didn't get the memo, Ferrari is here too, represented by the 599 and F430. When was the last time you zipped around London in a Ferrari? Me? I did it last week, thank you very much.

Prologue also has the debut of the new accurate in-car view. I can say that the 350Z dash is very well modeled (though the steering wheel is on the wrong side...), and the GT-R dash is just unashamedly cool.

Sony's got the details over at their official site, and Amazon has the game: Gran Turismo: 5 Prologue

Check it out, pre-order it, and you can thank me later.

*Image from Sony Computer Entertainment

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