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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Heineken BeerTender....

People may disagree on the Jones/Bedard trade, but one thing we can all agree on is that we love beer.

For people who love their beer, the Heineken DraughtKeg provides a much needed 5L quantity (it's tough to fill Das Boot using 12oz bottles). The biggest problem that I've seen with the DraughtKeg is that it gives you a lot of foam, and often wastes a lot of beer, which ain't cool.

Now Krups, after hearing beer lovers' cries, is coming to the rescue. Made in collaboration with Heineken, The BeerTender enables a perfect pour from the DraughtKeg (either regular or premium light varieties). It's coming out on 3/1/08, but unfortunately there isn't a lot of info available beyond that, such as maybe...the price. For those who've given up too much Heineken to the foam devil, is there really any price that's too high?

If only we could get more DraughtKeg'd beers here. I remember when I was flying out of Munich, they had mini kegs (DraughtKeg is TM and (c) Heineken) of some of the local beers, I remember seeing Lowenbrau, I can't remember if there were any others. I know that Beck's mini kegs can be had here, and you know, Beck's is Germany's 3rd rated beer, behind "Steinemarzen, Rottenburger, und... und..."

Lowenbrau turns the knife a little bit by being so bold as to have a picture of the mini keg on their website. If they only knew how their teasing hurts me so... For those of you as motivated as I am/was to head to Beerfest Oktoberfest, Lowenbrau has a fun German Tutorial on their site. Now that I've moved a bit away from the original topic...

I'll post details on the BeerTender when I have them. Until then, don't let the foam devil take your beer!

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  • I enjoyed the DraughtKeg (thought hardly anyone else did! :) and have been working my way through it post-party and yeah, the foaming issue is a concern and has left me a little disappointed with it, so this BeerTender could be just the ticket. I look forward to finding out more...

    By Blogger technogreek, at 2/09/2008 10:59 AM  

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