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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mariners in the news today....

Wonderful day for Mariners coverage today.

Not only did Dave Niehaus finally get into the HoF, on his birthday, but there was a bunch of other stuff too. Break it down!

  • Boonie lands in DC.
  • Shannon Stewart is not in the Mariners plans (that's a good thing).
  • Mariners signed Bubba Crosby.
  • USS Mariner likes Pay-Rod and says that you are wrong to hate him.
  • Richie Sexson hates Seattle fans, because they booed him and made his performance recovery difficult in 2007.
First off, I think it's great that Boonie is getting a chance with the Nationals. Say what you will about the guy, he was a lot of fun when he was here in Seattle, especially in 2001. I was disappointed about how he went out here, and I hope that he does well.

Shannon Stewart would be worth considering if we didn't have 3 other good options for the outfield, which I've discussed already. On top of that, The Ignitor should get a shot at starting before they go to sign Stewart. Hell, they already overpaid $1M for Cairo, start that guy.

Bubba, not Bobby.

The Pay-Rod and Sexson pieces deserve their own post.

Oh, and Ichiro is in camp now, and he's had his physical. I bet he probably broke the machine.

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