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Saturday, February 09, 2008

My Xbox 360 talks....

Is that a bad thing, electronic components with a mind of their own?

In keeping with Microsoft's voyeurist-theme for Xbox Live, my 360 now has its own blog.

If I don't play games, it gets upset with me, and warns about how I better not be playing another console. The system is also nice enough to note my gamerscore in its posts where it talks about my gaming, which as of recent isn't probably all that relevant.

I finally started playing the multiplayer in Call of Duty 4, which is very cool and a whole lot of fun. Problem on the 360 version is, there are no gamerscore achievements. You have to level up your character to unlock new stuff, including weapons, but there isn't XBL-recognized points to go along with it (which is something I like, since most of the time when there are multiplayer achievements they must be obtained in ranked play, and that's stupid and I refuse to do it). Anyway, my gamerscore isn't going to be going up until I get tired of bringing freedom to those who hate it, read: terrorists.

Overall I like this idea of a blogging system, but so far I haven't been overly impressed with what it has to say. I might try to mix up my gaming just a bit to see if it says anything different or interesting.

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