Booze, Baseball, and another "B"

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

As if you didn't already have enough reasons to go to baseball games with me....

Now you can use the Nintendo Fan Network for free!

I don't have a DS, so I can't get in on this action, but I think it's pretty cool. Having the opportunity to: order food, see replays, and check stats from your handheld gaming system is a winner in my book. Plus, now they're adding a pitch tracking system, so as I'm sitting there yelling at the ump about missing calls (which I do wherever I'm sitting in the stadium...because my vision is that good), you can agree with me or show me why I might want to be quite and go get some Dippin' Dots.

Props to Nintendo and the Mariners for finally making this service free.

Mariners came up with a big win tonight. I was going to go to the game, but for whatever reason ($$$) decided not to. Of course, now I wish I would have. You only get so many Felix Days, and Putz came back and did well. I should make more of an effort to get to these games before I get booted out of my apartment.

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