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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Did you get the memo....

Yesterday, while grinding my way through Call of Duty 2, I hit the equivalent of videogame hell.

Remember how I was talking about the checkpoints needing a bit of work? And how I was mentioning that veteran difficulty gets a little over the top sometimes? They were right, I will not survive.

So I found myself on top of a grain silo, getting fired at by mortars. It happens, it's war and whatnot. The problem was, much to my chagrin, the game decided that since I cut down the first wave of mortar troops, that it would save my progress...right as a mortar was dropping on my position. I died. The game restarted, and I died again. And then again. And again, and again, and then I thought that I had dodged it, but I died again. Then another two or three times. So I exited back to the dashboard, hoping that might provide some help. It didn't. I died again, and again.

Needless to say, I'm pretty bummed out about it. For whatever reason, the D-Day invasion isn't going nearly as well for me as it did for the allies in real life. After clearing an entire town out, I thought that it would be smooth sailing, but I was wrong. So now I get to clear the town out again, and hpoe that when I get to the top of the silo, the game doesn't again save as a mortar round is falling on me. Not real happy about that. It took me two days to do it the last time, and I didn't fare too well tonight, even knowing exactly how I needed to go about accomplishing my task.

Now GTA IV has come out, and I'm pretty temped by that. Like, a whole LOT. I am motivated to finish CoD2, but this whole getting screwed by the game over and over thing is getting old.

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