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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Jackie can do anything he wants....

I forgot to mention, everybody should go see The Forbidden Kingdom. It's a lot of fun, and both Jackie Chan and Jet Li are very good in it. The movie has gotten some flack for not being hardcore enough, and some other unwarranted complaints, and I say that's a bunch of crap. These guys aren't going to give us Drunken Master II vs Fist of Legend, they just don't have it in them anymore. Had this movie come out 10 years ago, I would have expected that, but it didn't so I didn't. The kid I thought was going to screw up the movie did just fine. In fact, the only performance I was really that disappointed by was Collin Chou, who I've heard has lots of potential, but everytime I see him he does nothing to impress.

For me, the movie really spoke to me. The main character, Jason, is a big HK kung fu movie fan, who also is a Dreamcast fan (there's one in his bedroom). On top of that, he has the same IKEA desk that I do. On top of all that, he thinks Yifei Liu is a hottie, an opinion I coincidentally share.

One could almost see The Forbidden Kingdom as kind of a new-millennium Neverending Story. It's accessible for kids, but fun for adults too. Go see the movie, you shouldn't be disappointed.

I read today that Jackie has changed agents, in a move similar to what Robert DeNiro has done recently. Variety's Kaiju Shakedown is reporting that both of them think they should be getting better deals and making more money. I think both have been making too many poor decisions in the last few years in what they decide to put themselves in. I certainly hope Jackie starts getting some better US films, but I think what he really needs is someone who has respect for his HK material, but is smart enough to realize what he can do and what he shouldn't do.

What's Stanley Tong doing these days?

And in case you forgot, Jackie can do anything he wants.

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