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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Konami is stupid (aka: Metal Gear Online Beta)....

I've been very enthusiastic about the Metal Gear Online beta for some time now. One of my favorite game series of all time, going online; what's not to like?

How about everything.

It took me hours to get both the beta and the updates downloaded. Good thing I had the time to spare, since I did it while I was playing my Xbox 360. I could not even download the updates from Konami! I had to use this stupid in-game bittorrent setup that they've got. After the hours of downloading yesterday, I just didn't have any interest in trying to actually play the game; I was too tired. So I put it off until today.

As I booted the game up, and was happy to find that there wasn't yet another update for me to have to contend with, I was hoping to get my MGO on, especially after a frustrating go of CoD2.

It turns out, Konami doesn't want people to play Metal Gear Online. For those stupid enough to download all of the stupid beta game and updates (digital distribution is stupid, BTW) they are treated to not one, but two signups to play the game!

Isn't that why I have a PlayStation Network ID? I don't know why Sony can't get online play figured out. It isn't rocket science: make it simple and fast. That's all you have to do!! For whatever reason, Konami doesn't know about this, and Sony sure didn't tell them. When you try to log into Metal Gear Online, you find out that you have to sign up for a Konami ID and a GAME ID.


Being that I was motivated to get online with Metal Gear, I figured I'd do it, even though I wasn't happy about it. That's when things got really stupid.

For one thing, the signup page is actually an internet page. I don't know if you've ever tried to look at an internet page using the PlayStation browser, but it doesn't work well. For one thing, scrolling is arduous to the point where your eyes bleed, and the type is too small to read. Literally, you can't see what the site says. These two things make signing up for not one, but two superfluous online IDs, a complete pain.

As I was trying to scroll through the stupid legal disclaimer (read: the one that takes a minute to scroll through, and you can't read), I guess I hit the "back" button (on...the controller...) and it jumped back to the "I want two superfluous online IDs so I can try this stupid beta" page. When I tried to go back to where I had been, signing up for my superfluous online IDs so I could try their beta, all of the info was gone, and I still had the scroll through a mile of legal notice.

You know what I did? I said something to the effect of "well, for goodness' sake" and turned off the system.

Kotaku has been a little more blunt in their description of the MGO affair, but I feel the same way about it that they do. I guess if I really want to play the game I have to figure out a way around this crap, but that's the problem, it's a bunch of crap. I pay entirely too much money for these systems and games to have to put up with this. Konami isn't new to making videogames. Someone needs to give them a swift kick in the ass, along with Sony (for continuing to fumble the PS3) and streamline this whole process.

All of this happened, mind you, after I turned off my Xbox 360, which has Xbox Live, where I have a gamertag and if a 3rd party wants my info on their server, they just pull it from the XBL server, which means I don't have to screw around with stupid sign ups, and getting superfluous online IDs becomes a mostly invisible process.

Konami is stupid.

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