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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Kotobukiya brings the awesome, again....

Kotobukiya just recently announced their new partnership with Marvel, and it's already paying dividends. The first figure they've announced is none other than Iron Man!

Quite the fantastic looking figure! It's got LEDs to light up the eyes, palms, and chest! The statues are numbered and are limited edition. Coming out in November, it's going to go for $175.

This may just get a pre-order from me. I try pretty hard to resist on the Koto stuff (since I'd run out of money pretty quick if I didn't), but this just might be too awesome to resist. Wizard (the "#1 Mens' Pop Culture Magazine") has more pics for you to drool over.

How about a double-dose of Iron Man news for your Tuesday?

For those who didn't see the news yesterday, Sega released a new piece of art from their upcoming Incredible Hulk game. What makes it special? It shows Iron Man along with the Hulk!

"I can haz Hulkbuster?" Hopefully yes! If you haven't already, feel free to put in your preorders for both the Incredible Hulk game and the Iron Man game now. Sega looks like they're going to put out a couple of movie-tie-in games which won't suck; a refreshing rarity.

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