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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pain is temporary, and quitting lasts forever....

Manager Lance helps explain why I have to beat this stupid level in CoD2.

Spent about 3.5 hours on it tonight. Recaptured one of the 6 points I need to get. I should have had one of the other points about 13 times, but each time there was some stupid reason I was killed. Levels like this are the great ones. It's fun reading the FAQs that sites have posted about these CoD games. They aren't written for the veteran play through, and it shows. They breeze over little things, like taking over a town overrun with Nazis, because on easy and regular and even hardened difficulties, it's not that bad. But when you try it on veteran, a simple thing like walking out a door gets you killed.

Almost broke the controller about 6 times tonight, and twice thought about taking the disk out and breaking it.

Tomorrow I'll feed the warrior 20 pounds and see where that gets me.

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