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Monday, May 26, 2008

Attention, observers

You know, it's one thing when you come to my stadium to root for a stupid team, with your stupid chants and your general lack of baseball knowledge and aroma of bandwagonness. It'd be one thing if you were real fans; simply buying a shirt that says Ortiz on it isn't being a fan. You come to my town, dirty up my stadium (and according to the Mariners, sell it out, but that's just a bald-faced lie), and cause trouble with the people here to root for the hometeam. That's all expected.

But if you're going to do all of that, please have the courtesy and the sense not to shout out your stupid team name during the national anthem, particularly on Memorial Day.

Having Reed playing RF today, instead of playing LF with Balentien in RF and Ibanez at DH, cost us the game. Technically that's the manager's move, and I have to think he's getting fired within the next 30 days, but really it's on the GM for saddling us with Vidro (who hit third tonight). Terrible game to lose. And knowing that we're going to give Vidro enough plate appearances to vest his option for next year, really doesn't help things any. The Mariners are so horribly run, it's a crying shame.

And to top it all off, I'm not sure Ichiro was able to break the center field wall tonight without hurting himself. That would be the icing on the 2008 season's cake. How does Rick Griffin not come sprinting out of the dugout after that? Remember back when he hurt himself on the block of concrete in right field (which later became the padded block of concrete)? He didn't tell anybody about it, but he wasn't himself for the rest of the year.

Granted, there isn't much reason left for him to stick this year out.

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