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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mere days....

Only a few more days until Rambo hits on DVD & Blu-Ray. I cannot wait! One of the Top 10 films of the year, easy.

Julie Benz, of Rambo fame, was at the Emerald City ComiCon this year. I didn't get much of a chance to talk with her, but if I had, I think the conversation probably would have gone something like this:

  • "Hey, Julie, how's it goin? Nice to meet you."
  • "Hello."
  • "You were in Rambo! I thought was that movie was really intense... and awesome!"
  • "Yeah. "
  • "I saw the other day that IMDB has a listing for Rambo V. How crazy-awesome is that?! When I saw it, I think my brain almost broke."
  • "Did you know I was in Buffy? And Dexter?"
  • "Uh...yeah, but those didn't have Sylvester Stallone. I think he's really incredible. He really brings so much to every role."
  • "Uh huh..."
  • "Totally. To have had a renaissance period like he did in the mid to late 80s, what with such incredible films as: Rambo: First Blood Part II, Rambo III, Rocky III, and Rocky IV, he's already accomplished so much in his career. But then to start up a second renaissance period here 20 years later, with Rocky Balboa and Rambo, that's really incredible."
  • "Yup."
  • "And Rocky IV, I mean that movie transcends the sports-film genre, and really is just in an upper pantheon of great American film. What an incredible look at both the Cold War, and one man's struggle to be the best. That film is so inspirational. What a great treatise on the human spirit."
  • "Hmmm."
  • "I've often said that if Col. Trautman had been my local recruiter, I would have definitely joined the Army out of high school."
  • "Oh? I've got kind of a line going here. I kinda gotta get to them too."
  • "Oops. Sorry! Enjoy the show!"
Hmmm. Missed opportunity right there.

For those who can't wait until Tuesday for their Rambo fix, this should tide you over. Be aware there are some slight spoilers (kinda).

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