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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Next TV? Survey says "uh huh"....

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I'm pretty sure the next TV I'm getting will be from Pioneer's 2nd-Gen Kuro line. Of course I don't know for sure, since there are a lot of factors which will end up influencing the final decision, but I demand things to be awesome (like my good buddy Mike) and the Kuro fits the bill.

What's so awesome about it? Well, it's technical. To put it simply, it looks better than anything else out there. Black levels are better than pretty much any LCD, DLP, or other plasma display on the market. On top of that, Pioneer knows what's up when it comes to quality electronics, which makes me happy too. It should hold me over until OLED gets to a point where they can cost-effectively put it into big-screen TVs.

The new TV is part of a multi-year plan for the evolution of my home theater. The thing started out pretty awesome, and still does a great job, it's just that technology is progressing and I don't have anybody who's preventing me from spending my money on it. Thanks to some sage advice, I've been holding off on buying a new TV since I'm not going to be in my current abode long-term. What sense does it make to buy a TV which fits this place, but not the next? Other parts of the HT evolution include a new receiver with more HDMI inputs and more up-to-date codecs. Maybe like this one. And once I get out of multi-family housing, an SVS sub or two is coming my way ASAP.

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