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Friday, June 27, 2008

Damn treehuggers....

Look, I'm totally down with the whole "green" thing and saving the environment. I'm often quick to point out to people reasons why they should, and ways that they can, reduce their carbon footprint.

But sometimes people push too far. Like when you start complaining about Cannonball Run. That's when we have a problem.

Everybody knows that a supercar gets bad millage. And everybody knows that's one of the main reasons you don't drive your supercar everyday! But for people to be complaining about the carbon footprint of a race, that's a bunch of BS. Quite frankly, if I have enough money to buy a Bugatti Veyron, and put stickers all over it so I can race it as fast as possible across the United States, then I have more money for carbon-offsets than you'll ever have.

Instead of demonizing the rich (why is it a bad thing for someone to be successful?) perhaps ABC could have spent some time examining why Detroit automakers can't be bothered to build decent cars, then today had the gall to tell Barack Obama that they need federal money for R&D. How much money would be saved by the GM brass not paying themselves bonuses in years when the company isn't profitable? Would it be enough to get the price of the Volt down to something people could afford?

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