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Thursday, June 05, 2008

McLaren & the Sinking Ship....

I'm totally bummed out by all the negative press John McLaren has been getting recently. Last year, when McLaren was hired, I was very enthusiastic, because I thought he was the guy to lead us to the World Series.

I still think he's the guy who could have done it, but it's not going to happen. McLaren will be fired and Bavasi should be fired. The fault for this season really falls on Bavasi, for putting together a horribly constructed team. Why the hell do we still have Vidro? He sucked last year, and he's sucked this year. By having him on the team, we've shot ourselves in the foot, and it's set the team back at least 3 years.

By having Vidro clogging up the DH spot (by that I mean, "sucking, and generally being the worst DH in the majors"), we've been putting Ibanez in LF. Why the hell do we still have Ibanez playing LF? He can't field the position anymore, but he can be a productive hitter, as a DH. If we would just cut Vidro, we could slot Ibanez into the DH position, and put Reed in LF, where he should be playing. We gave up either Papelbon or Lester to keep him, so there's no good reason to not be playing him.

I like Kenji Jojima a lot, but there's no reason why we shouldn't be working to get Clement into our batting order, if not be working to get him to be our starting catcher. If we aren't going to use Clement, then we need to trade him, and try to get some prospects we are going to use. And Kenji's contract extension? That was stupid. Too much money, too many years, and at the wrong time.

As for Sexson, where do I start? We've been playing our $1m WFB clone at 1B recently, and what's that gotten us? Nothing. Between Cairo and Sexson, we're paying $15m for the worst 1B in baseball. Awesome. Both Sexson and Cairo should be cut. Sexson in particular would be "addition by subtraction."

As for the rotation, they'd be doing better if Yu-Bet and Lopez weren't sleeping on the field. Seriously, with the terrible job they've been doing fielding this year, you'd think that they both had pillows and sleeping bags out there in the infield. I'm surprised there haven't been talks about them in the same vein as there were about Freddy Garcia and Carlos Guillen. While I haven't seen Yu-Bet or Lopez at Belltown Billiards, they're playing like they're spending all their time out drinking all night in Belltown.

Washburn sucks, and so does the $48-million-dollar-man. I'm disappointed that Silva has started regressing to the mean, but you knew that it had to happen.

As for taking a reliever with our first pick in this year's draft, ESPN was spot on with their analysis. Good player, bad fit for us. What the hell are we doing wasting a first round pick on a guy who might see an inning of work 3 times a week? Bad call. We needed a power-hitting first baseman there so bad, it's not even funny. We don't have a single prospect in our minor league system who can hit, so how are we not prioritizing that with the first pick?

McLaren's venting yesterday is getting a bunch of press today. Look people, it was tame. At the most it was venting. It might have even been McLaren trying to fire the team up, but it certainly wasn't an awesome tirade. I like how Mike and Mike pointed out that the bleeping was totally overdone. You can't tell anything that he's saying!

The season is over, and it's time to scuttle the ship. As much as Bavasi would like to talk about our '95 team, this isn't the '95 team. We aren't coming back, and they need to start prepping for next year. And they need to fire Bavasi. And they need to cut Vidro and Sexson.

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