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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Metal Gear Solid 4 get!!....

Finally, after years of waiting, I got my (Limited Edition) Metal Gear Solid 4. How about some pics?

Here's the game, along with my NYCC-exclusive Raiden figure (thanks Jim!). Notice the upside-down NYCC sticker? Most people had to pay extra for that. Not me.

Here's a pic with the lid off. Very nice packaging, and cool art too!

This is the contents. I think it's totally awesome they were nice enough/smart enough to include the spoiler warning. It's not like I would have watched that disc without playing the game first (in the event that there could have been spoilers), but it's nice that they were thinking of people, and did everybody a favor. Good looking out, Konami.

Check out more photos on my photostream. As for me, now it's time for some MGS4!!

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