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Friday, July 18, 2008

Francisco Liriano should demand a trade to the Mariners....

ESPN says Liriano is not happy because he's not getting time he needs to be arbitration eligible. We'd be happy to make him arbitration-eligible.

I think a package of Raul Ibanez and, if necessary, Miguel Batista (with a chunk of money to pay his remaining salary) makes sense. If the Twinkies aren't going to call him up, then they should let him play elsewhere, and his agent needs to be saying that.

In other news, The Thief signed with the Yanks. What an idiot. He couldn't handle the media pressure in Seattle, what the hell is going to happen to him in New York?! What's he going to do the first time Hank Steinbrenner says "he needs to hit the damn ball!" Seeing him cry on national TV would be even better than that Monday Night Football game in Holmgren's first season in Seattle, when they went into Green Bay and made Favre cry on the bench.

People in the Seattle media keep talking about wanting to trade Ichiro. I'm not going to link to the articles, because stuff that stupid shouldn't be read by anyone. That's why you have editors at a newspaper, so they can put a halt on stupid articles before they get out to the public. Let me put this as clearly as I can, trading Ichiro would be the worst move made in the history of baseball. Worse than Boston trading Babe Ruth. Americans are too often focused on the long ball (it's not just chicks that dig it), and they forget that the winningest team in modern baseball history, that is the 2001 Mariners, got their wins by having a guy named Ichiro on the bases. Anyone who seriously thinks the Mariners should trade Ichiro is unqualified to hold an intelligent discussion about the team, or Major League Baseball.

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