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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Go, Wash, go....

As I was watching today's Mariners game, I was thinking, I'm not sure that I've ever rooted so ardently for Jarrod Washburn as I did today.

There's been an interesting amount of posts on his pending trade to the Yankees here in the last two days. At first it didn't seem to make sense to have him start, but then he was set to start and there were posts about whether or not he was going to get pulled before the start. He didn't, and he went out and pitched a really good game. Now there's the question of whether or not the Mariners can get a better deal due to the good start. His line:

J Washburn (W, 5-9)8.0411221101-684.50

To make things even better, Vidro had a HR (there have been some rumors that he might be involved in the Washburn trade, which would be AWESOME), and Dave had his induction into the Hall of Fame. Pretty good stuff. And Ichiro is 2 hits away from 3,000.

I sure hope the Mariners, and specifically Lee Pelekoudas, don't drop the ball on this one. The guys covering ESPN's Sunday Night Baseball made it sound like the Mariners were stupid for not having made this deal a week ago, as it's a simple salary dump for us. My take on it is, if we're going to have to take on Kei Igawa, we should be getting a good additional piece in the deal. While, to some extent, it's a salary dump for us, Washburn has been pitching well recently (which you cannot deny), and we'd be stuck with the same amount of salary getting Igawa in return, only it's spread out over a few year span.

There is also a bit of talk about Raul, but I'm not confident that he will be moved.

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