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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Monster detail....

After spending all day on Saturday detailing my car (literally... all day), I think my car looks as good as its paint and clearcoat will allow without alteration.

I applied three layers of synthetic sealant, with a detailing/bonding agent following each coat. That was after I washed the car, twice, and ran over the entire thing with a clay bar, which works to take particulate out of the clearcoat layer. To top it all off, a nice carnuba wax was applied to both help protect it and to make it look even better, but only after I washed the car for a third time. You could go swimming in my car's paint, it's so deep.

While the sealant coats were curing, I took time to vacuum out the interior, clean the rugs, and run a detailing tool into some of the small cracks to clean out dirt and other stuff which accumulates over time.

By about 10:30 I had a pretty good ache going on in my right arm and shoulder. There was enough "wax on, wax off" action yesterday that I'm lucky my arm didn't just fall out of the socket last night. So I polished the night off by sitting on the couch and watching Solaris in HD. Then I fell asleep as soon as it was over, and spent the night sleeping on my own couch. Which did nothing to help my arm.

In hindsight, I do question whether or not all the work was worth it. I think it probably was, since the car looks better than ever, but it's not every day that you have a weekend to sink into detailing a car and then recovering from it. I'm interested to see how the sealant holds up over time; I'm expecting at least 6 months of good protection from the elements.

I wanted to take pictures of the car and post them, but by the time I got done it was evening and the sun had set.

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