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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Good thing Cliffy listened to me....

Gears of War 2 does not have any ranked multiplayer (only) achievements! I'm glad that Epic took my advice on that one.

IGN has posted the list of achievements for the game, and they look like a nice set of achievements which will be both fun and actually achievable, but also pose some level of challenge. Unfortunately my Xbox is dead, so there's a possibility I won't be able to enjoy the game, but I am glad that they avoided the ranked achievements.

Nobody likes to play in ranked multiplayer mode!

Amazon is selling a pretty sweet Lancer replica, which comes with Gears of War 2. They're also selling the regular and limited edition versions of the game, and now they've got a system to ensure that people who preorder get the game on release day. You can sign up for a free Amazon Prime trial (which is TOTALLY worth it), which will get you the game on release day for sure, and any other stuff you order will get to you much quicker and for a lot less money.

Official Gears of War 2 Box Art from MattReyes79

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