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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Marky Mark brings it....

Even though Mark Wahlberg apparently doesn't like to be called "Marky Mark," his fans still do it. Hopefully he isn't too put off by it, 'cause we love him.

This new Max Payne trailer looks even better than the last one. I think this movie is going to be awesome, though I must admit I'm not sold on the "badass" Mila all. But I totally love the Valkyrie theme.

The game was basically The Matrix meets Punisher, and if the movie does that, with a sprinkle of Marky Mark, it's going to be Top 5 for the year.

To get ready for this, I might be in for a Marky Mark marathon. Maybe something along the lines of: Shooter, Four Brothers, and I heart Huckabees. It's going to be awesome.



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